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Taking your startup or business idea to the next level has never been an easy task. At The Startup Shed, we provide a one-stop shop for a wide variety of top-notch tools that can substantially transform your idea into a successful business. Our network of highly skilled professionals and experienced mentors ensure that your company is built with a solid foundation!

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The Startup Shed work with all types of businesses. Each of our services and partner-packages cane be tailored to our clients, their stage of the company and subsequently their requirements.


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At The Startup Shed, we pride ourselves on working with specialists at the top of their game to ensure the services and advice provided to our clients are not only bespoke to their needs, but delivered with expertise and professionalism. We have worked with our partners to create products that a unique and cost-effective exclusively for The Startup Shed clients. Speak to our team today to put together a package for your business. 

Investor Connected

Investor Connected are experts in helping Entrepreneurs make better decisions about their business.

Their wonderful tools help startups create financial documentation, ratify valuations and perform analysis good enough to impress any potential investor. 


Lawbite are the one-stop shop for all your legal advice and documentation. Their team of expert lawyers provide straightforward advice to businesses of all sizes. 

The Startup Shed have worked with Lawbite to create some great off-the-shelf products perfect for startups building their foundations.


Poplify are a leading digital consultancy that help forward-thinking people bring-to-life their idea through their brilliant ability to design, build and scale technology.

Whether it's creating your first set of wire-frames, building your MVP or even designing your first set of assets, Poplify's team of specialists can help.  


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